The Institute has the following departments :

1.   Department of Civil Engineering
2.   Department of Electrical Engineering
3.   Department of Mechanical Engineering
4.   Department of Electronics & Communication  Engineering
5.   Department of Chemical Engineering
6.   Department of Applied Science
7.   Workshop Wing

Department of Civil Engineering :

Civil Engineering is one of the conventional branches of engineering. The Civil Engineering work is the first step in setting up of any industry. The major areas of Civil Engineering application are : laying of sewers, construction of roads, bridges & dams, buildings & housings as well as pollution control. The Department of Civil Engineering have following well  equipped and advanced laboratories : Engineering Material Lab., Building & Construction Lab., Water Supply & Waste Water Engg. Lab., Concrete Technology Lab., Survey Lab., Soil Engg. Lab., and Highway Engg. Lab.

Department of Electrical Engineering :

The Electrical Engineering technocrats are required in almost every engineering organisation. The Electrical Engineering technocrats play an important role in electrical wiring, motor winding, generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power. Now a days there is huge demand of electrical engineers in the companies which are involved in infrastructure development. Our college is offering this course since its inception. The Department of Electrical Engineering has following well equipped laboratories : Electrical Machines Lab., Electrical Power Lab., Utilisation of Electrical Energy Lab., Measurement Lab., Basic  Electronics Lab. and  Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab.

Department of Mechanical Engineering :

The scope of Mechanical Engineering ranges from fabrication, repair & maintenance of basic machines to space crafts. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has following well equipped & advanced laboratories : Applied Mechanics Lab., Material Science Lab., Thermodynamics Lab.,  Automobile Lab., Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab., Computer Aided Design Lab., Strength of Materials Lab. and Fluid Mechanics Lab.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering :

Electronics and Communication Engg.  is one of the latest branch of Engineering in this era of rapid technical Development. It caters to various Industrial Sector such as consumer Electronics Instrumentation and power Electronics, Communication and Computer Industry.  The course curriculum is spread over six semesters.  The Departments well established and well maintained Laboratories such as Basic Electronic, Lab Communication Engg  Lab, Digital and Microprocessor Lab, Consumer Electronic Lab, Power Electronic Lab, Electronic Instrument Lab.  An Electronic workshop is set up to PCB designing, assembly and soldering training to students.

Department of Chemical Engineering :

Chemical Engineering is concerned with changing raw materials into useful products in a safe & cost effective way. Chemical Engineering has its application in the manufacturing of the essential needs of mankind like food, clothing, housing, health, energy, communication, natural resources utilization and environment protection. The chemical engineering department have following well equipped Labs : Mass Transfer Lab,Heat Transfer Lab, Fluid Flow Lab, Mechanical Operations Lab, Process Instrumentation Lab, Chemical Process Industries Lab, Environmental Engg. And Safety Lab, Agro-based Industries Lab, Comuter Applications in Chemical Engg. Lab.

Department of Applied Sciences :

The Deptt. of Applied Sciences provides this service in the college to enable the students to equip themselves with the fundamental aspects of science and technology.   Every effort is made to inculcate the scientific temperament in the students.  The students are introduced to physical concepts and chemically related aspects of engineering and technology with a mathematical approach. The communication skills of the students are also developed by this deptt., which helps them  a great deal  in their career. This Department has following well equipped and advanced laboratories :  Physics Lab., Chemistry Lab. & Communication Lab. The students perform the experimental work of the concerned subjects in these labs. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty and supporting staff.

Workshop Department :

This department plays an important role in imparting rigorous practical training to the students of all the departments in the relevant Workshops. The Deptt. has following well equipped and advanced workshops for imparting excellent training to the students of various diploma courses : Instrumentation & Metrology Shop, Machine Shop, Advance Machine Shop, Training Shop, Advance Fitting Shop, Basic Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop,  Smithy Shop, Carpentry Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Welding Shop, Electrical Shop and Pattern Making Shop.

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