Total No of Volumes = 39151

No of Titles = 10833

No of Magazines = 13

No of Journals = 02


Scholarships are provided to SC/ST candidates as per instructions of punjab Govt.


In freeship, the tution fee of first 5% students of total intake in a branch is refunded according to performance of semester exams and half fee of remaining of 5% students is refunded.

Merit Scholarship

These scholoarships are provided accordingly to performance of the students in a year(Two semester) and Rs. 50/- per month for a year is given to 06 students of college.

Merit -Cum Necessitous means scholarships

These scholarships are provided according to the performance of the students in a year (Two Semester) and Rs. 50/- per month for a year is given to 14 students of college who are economically weak. They have to submit income certificate from Executive Magistrate.

Water Coolers

Water Coolers are installed for water facility to students.


In college there are one basket ball ground, Volleyball ground, Hockey , Cricket, Football ground and one Gymnasium hall for bad minton. With these grounds one T.T room is also for students to play the games

* Government Polytechnic College, Batala *