Government Polytechnic College, Batala

Established by the Government of Punjab

Affiliated with PSBTE & IT, Chandigarh & AICTE, New Delhi.

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Department of Applied Science

The department of Applied Sciences provides this service in the college to enable the students to equip themselves with the fundamental aspects of science and technology. Every effort is made to inculcate the scientific temperament in the students. The students are introduced to physical concepts and chemically related aspects of engineering and technology with a mathematical approach. The communication skills of the students are also developed by this department, which helps them a great deal in their career.

This Department has following well equipped and advanced laboratories:
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Communication Lab.

Mrs. Amardeep Kaur
(Senior Lecturer, Incharge)

Faculty and Staff Members

Mrs. Amardeep Kaur (Senior Lecturer, Incharge)

Qualification: M.Sc, M.Phil

Cont.: +91 97799 51925

Dr. Rakesh Chopra (Lecturer)

Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD

Cont.: +91 89682 85750

Mrs. Rajani (Lab Assisstant)

Qualification: Metric

Cont.: +91 98146 52199