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Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is concerned with changing raw materials into useful products in a safe & cost effective way. Chemical Engineering has its application in the manufacturing of the essential needs of mankind like food, clothing, housing, health, energy, communication, natural resources utilization and environment protection.

Departmental Labs

The Department of Chemical Engineering have following well equipped and advanced laboratories:

  • Fluid Flow Lab
  • Mass Transfer Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Agro-based Industries Lab
  • Mechanical Operations Lab
  • Process Instrumentation Lab
  • Chemical Process Industries Lab
  • Environmental Engineering & Safety Lab
  • Comuter Applications in Chemical Engg. Lab.

Er. Jasbir Singh
(Incharge, Lecturer)

Cont : +91 95011 18333

Faculty and Staff Members

Mrs. Shalini (Lecturer)

Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech

Cont.: +91 94173 12644

Mrs. Rekha (Lecturer)

Qualification: B.Tech, M.E

Cont.: +91 95011 18348

Mrs. Ranju Salhotra (Lecturer)

Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech

Cont.: +91 78892 21847

Mrs. Jaspreet Kaur (Lecturer)

Qualification: B.Tech, M.E.

Cont.: +91 95305 13071

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